DS7 - Crossback
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DS7 - Crossback

Director Mischa Rozema was tasked with reflecting the impressive electric hybrid power and offroad capabilities of the new DS7 in this television commercial. The electrically charged beast, crafted by the Post Panic team, shows just that. Running through the mountainous landscape, it uses its environment to power up, becoming master of its surroundings.

The production saw Mischa shooting on location in Montenegro before returning to the The Panics studio in Amsterdam, and working with the Post Panic VFX team there.

Production Company: BIG Productions
Director: Mischa Rozema
Post Production: Post PanicDirector of Photography: Jan David Gunther
Client: DS Automobiles
Agency: Publicis La Maison

Executive Producer: Jules Tervoort
Head of PostProduction: Ivor Goldberg

VFX Supervisor: Guido Ekker
VFX Producer: Kristian Stoykov
CG Supervisor: Dimos Hadjisavvas
Lead VFX Artist: Chris Staves,
Senior VFX Artists: Jeroen Aerts, Dieuwer Feldbrugge, Marti Pujol
VFX Artists: Kim Taylor, Davide Raimondo, Vincent Boudewijn, Matteo Giorni, Karolis Jurkstaitis, Daan Spruijt
2D Artists: Amy Holst, Joshhua Dunlop

Grading: Nightshift
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